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Bayshore Gardens acquires a land for senior’s home in Burnaby

In March 2019, Bayshore Gardens Real Estate Holding bought a land in Burnaby to develop a senior’s home with a partnership of Nikoniko Health Inc, a reciprocal partner of Blue Tree Group.

This project is to aim operating as a residential care facility to support dementia and those who cannot live independently. Bayshore Gardens and Nikoniko work together for preliminary discussions with Fraser Health Authority and the City of Burnaby for the permit.

It expects 8-10 month for permit process and 12-14 month period for the construction. The completion is towards spring to summer of 2021. Upon the completion, we plan to have 10 units of residential care facility within a quiet and welcoming residential community.

The development will be processed under a new limited partnership agreement between Nikoniko Health Inc. and Bayshore Gardens Real Estate Holdings Limited.