1300-1500 W. Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2Z6

Bayshore Gardens collaborate with Nikoniko for a new senior’s care facility in Burnaby

Soon, Bayshore Gardens will establish a new partnership agreement with Nikoniko Health Inc. (President: Yuko Abeyama) to proceed with the development of a senior care home project in Burnaby.

Bayshore Gardens is proud of working with Nikoniko, well-known Japanese senior home-care provider in Vancouver. With their professional knowledge and experiences, we will offer a unique model of senior care facility in a beautiful residential area. As the building will be so homey with Japanese gardens and more one-to-one-care operation we are aiming at, we are hoping this provides a new standard of a homecare service in Metro Vancouver.

The project is currently under the rezoning for developing a 9 units of seniors care home. We expect necessary permits will be granted towards later of 2020 and the construction will take place immediately after that. The completion will be towards spring of 2022.

The architect is NSDA, a well-known first class architectural firm in Vancouver.